Jim McIntyre  Principal

Eleanor Roosevelt wroJim McIntyre Headshotte, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. We are proudly Celebrating 21 Years of Quality Security and Guest Service Delivery at S.A.F.E. Management and although our dreams have changed over the years, they are just as aggressive. For that reason I can’t help but be extremely optimistic and hopeful that our next 21 years will be just as successful as the first. It has been a privilege to grow professionally and personally with the people I work with for the last 21 years and to create this Dream that started two decades ago. It has been the people that make the work so interesting and continue to stir my curiosity.

Jim McIntyre is a co-founder of S.A.F.E. Management Incorporated and a principal of S.A.F.E. Management’s six business entities.  In his position, Jim works with all business and marketing aspects of S.A.F.E.  Jim has provided the leadership and vision to successfully achieve the original goals set by the company.  The ultimate goal continues to be leading S.A.F.E. to the top of its industry by continuously exceeding client and guest expectations.

What was a dream that began for Jim in 1994 has become a reality during the past twenty one years.  In its twenty first year of business, S.A.F.E has evolved from a company that began as a one location, one dimensional company into a diversified, five-state corporation.  In the early stages of establishing himself in the crowd management industry, Jim had a vision of creating a company that would combine first rate event security with quality guest service strategies.  With ever emerging security threats, the business has changed drastically in the last several decades.  The business has transformed from basic security with few expectations of the event security staff to the requirement of a highly interactive staff member with high expectations from guests and clients.

Jim graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the Liberal Arts School of Washington College in historic Chestertown, Maryland.  In conjunction with working a full time position associated with his educational interest, Jim attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.  Two years later, Jim graduated with a Master’s Degree in Education.

In 1986, Jim began his career in the crowd management business at Towson University in Towson, Maryland.  After several levels of progression through the Student Life Management Department at the University, Jim received the top level position responsible for all operations of the Towson Center Arena and John Unitas Stadium.  In addition to operating the athletic and special event facilities, Jim was instrumental in the development and teaching of several courses within the Sports Management program at Towson University.

In May of 1994, S.A.F.E Management was organized as a result of an opportunity in the management of event operations with the Baltimore Stallions Football Club of the Canadian Football League.  In June of 1996, S.A.F.E received its first major contract with the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.  From that opportunity, S.A.F.E. has grown tremendously, not only in the Maryland region, but in three other cities:  Detroit, Michigan; Jacksonville, Florida; Phoenix, Arizona and currently in Houston, Texas in preparation for Super Bowl LI in February of 2017.  During his years with S.A.F.E Management, Jim has had the privilege to open three National Football League stadiums, several arena’s, developed and managed operations at several collegiate programs and has played a significant role in many major sporting and special events, including the last twelve Super Bowls beginning with Super Bowl XXXIX.  In addition to professional football management, Jim has been involved in NCAA Division I National Championship games such as the BCS Football game, Final Four basketball games including the upcoming 2017 tournament, the Frozen Four Ice Hockey games and Final Four Lacrosse games.

In addition to his business interest with S.A.F.E., Jim has established Reach for the Stars Foundation, which financially assists programs and/or persons with special needs in our communities.


Dave Vormack  Principal


Dave Vormack is a co-founder and principal in S.A.F.E. Management’s five business entities.

Dave, in his 18th year with S.A.F.E. and 21st year in the crowd management, guest service and security industry, began his career with S.A.F.E. in Baltimore, Maryland. Dave’s first experience with NFL football occurred in 1996 when the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore.  After two (2) successful seasons of Baltimore Ravens football at Memorial Stadium, Dave played an integral role in 1998 when the Ravens moved to their newly constructed football stadium (M&T Bank Stadium) located at the Camden Yards Sports Complex.

In 2002 S.A.F.E., expanding on the successes of opening the Ravens new stadium, was awarded a contract to provide guest and security staffing at Ford Field, the Detroit Lions newly built stadium located in the heart of downtown Detroit.  Dave was responsible for building the foundation from the ground-up, as this was S.A.F.E.’s first venture outside of the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Area.  During the inaugural season, S.A.F.E. repeatedly staffed in excess of 800 fully-trained crowd management, guest service and security personnel working events and football games.  Dave was also involved in the acquisition, set-up and management of the 24/7 security at Ford Field as well as the Office Building which is located adjacent to the stadium.

In May, 2003, S.A.F.E. embarked in another new endeavor with SMG in Jacksonville, Florida to provide guest service staffing for all EverBank Field events which included all Jacksonville Jaguar home games and the newly constructed Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.  With this achievement, Dave’s role became broader, providing guidance, leadership and support to a new S.A.F.E. location while maintaining S.A.F.E.’s Detroit operations.

In 2004, S.A.F.E became the first newly contracted staffing company to provide crowd management, guest service and security staffing services to the NFL for Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville, Florida in more than twenty-five (25) years.  Dave managed relations with NFL representatives as well as S.A.F.E.’s internal staff operations.

In 2006, S.A.F.E. further expanded its wings to Phoenix, Arizona as Global Spectrum chose S.A.F.E. to provide the crowd management, guest service and security staffing services as well as the 24/7 security at the newly built University of Phoenix Stadium which is home to the Arizona Cardinals.  Dave was on-site and involved in the daily management of this endeavor until the building was successfully opened in August 2006.

Since Super Bowl XXXIX, Dave has been involved in providing crowd management, guest service and security staffing services at the past twelve (12) Super Bowls growing S.A.F.E.’s staffing and responsibilities on an annual basis.

Dave moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2006 where he currently resides with his wife Cheryl and their daughters Victoria and Morgan.

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