Upcoming Events at Allegiant Stadium

For the most up to date information on upcoming please email the S.A.F.E. Nevada Office. Soon we will provide a full list of upcoming events that you can preview here on the S.A.F.E. Website.

Payroll Information:

Please download the pay schedule for the 2021-2022 S.A.F.E. Pay Periods.

For those who have enrolled in direct deposit, your funds will be automatically delivered to your account on the given pay date. Your pay stubs are paperless and accessible via Paychex Flex. Click here for instructions.

Those who have chosen NOT to setup direct deposit; your funds will be issued to you via a paper check. If you choose to not to use direct deposit, your check will be placed in the mail the next business day.

If you are interested in setting up direct deposit for future payrolls, please visit www.paychexflex.com and click sign up or sign in if you have already created a user account. this is the same system/account you use to view your paystubs online.

As an mentioned above and as an added benefit, you have the ability to access your payroll information on a secured website (ability to view and print your check stubs tax forms, and edit personal information like address, phone, and tax withholdings). This is a great and useful tool for you to obtain payroll information 24 hours a day for your various needs.